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Accessing and using prosciutto.it, the dry-cured ham portal (for brevity hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) owned by Principe di San Daniele S.p.A. and accessible through the URL, http://www.prosciutto.it, are operations that are, in any case and in general, governed by this Legal Disclaimer.

Access to and use of this Site by any web user (for brevity hereinafter referred to as the “User”) presupposes that the said User has knowingly read and fully accepted this Legal Disclaimer.

Any form of interaction with the Site, including simple navigation on any page, is considered as explicit acceptance of the contents of this page and the consequent undertaking to release and hold harmless Principe di San Daniele S.p.A. from any and all claims or demands by third parties which may derive, either directly or indirectly, from improper or unlawful use of the Site. We therefore recommend reading the following information carefully.

Principe di San Daniele S.p.A. may amend and/or update this Legal Disclaimer, either in full or in part. Users will be notified of the amendments and/or updates by means of a specific notice on the Home Page as soon as they have been adopted, and they will become binding as soon as they are published on the Site, replacing the previous version.

We therefore recommend accessing this page regularly to check the publication of the most recent and up-to-date version. Should you disagree, either wholly or in part, with the Legal Disclaimer of prosciutto.it, you should not use the Site.

Ownership of the Site, Proprietary Rights relating to Site Content, Limitations and Restrictions on Usage, Copyright.

The Site is the property of Principe di San Daniele S.p.A. - Registered office: SAN DORLIGO DELLA VALLE (TS) - VIA J.RESSEL NR. 1. VAT Reg. No. 01078170329 - Trieste Economic and Administrative Index (REA) No. – 122888.

The trademarks and distinguishing symbols published on the Site are the property of Principe di San Daniele S.p.A., or of third parties and, in any case, access to the Site does not provide the User with the right to use these trademarks and distinguishing symbols without the written authorisation of the respective owners.

All the material published on this Site is protected by intellectual property rights, in compliance with current legislation on copyright protection (particularly the Berne Convention and Italian Law No 633/1941, as subsequently amended).

The documentation, images, fonts, graphics, software and other Site contents and all the codes and format scripts for the implementation of the Site are the property of prosciutto.it, or of third parties, and are protected by current legislation.

To this regard, some of the images on this Site have been taken from third party websites. Should their publication violate any copyright, please let us know and we will take steps to remove them. You can write to us at info@prosciutto.it.

Access to the Site does not give the User the right to appropriate, reproduce, modify, distribute or republish, either wholly or partially, using any means, the information contained herein, without the express written authorisation of prosciutto.it and/or third parties who own rights to use and/or reproduce the same.

Incoming and Outgoing Links

Should third parties wish to create links from their websites to the Site owned by Principe di San Daniele S.p.A., the latter permits them to be made solely to the Home Page http://www.prosciutto.it. Creating links to internal pages using, for example, framing or deep-linking techniques, is subject to prior written authorisation from Principe di San Daniele S.p.A.

Interactive connections between the Site (http://www.prosciutto.it) and other sites, managed by third parties, are created by Principe di San Daniele S.p.A. without exercising any control over the information, products, and services offered or policies implemented by such sites, and without verifying whether such sites conform to applicable regulations.

Therefore, Principe di San Daniele S.p.A. does not accept any responsibility for the content and technical/operating modes of these external sites, particularly as regards computer security. Users are therefore required to take due precautions in the form of suitable anti-virus systems, in addition to enquiring about the policies of such sites.Moreover, each “linked” website has its own privacy policy, which is different and independent from that operated by prosciutto.it and which is not verified by the latter. Users are therefore advised to read the privacy policies adopted by third party sites carefully.

In any case, should we receive any communication from Users with doubts as to the legitimacy or reliability of these sites, Principe di San Daniele S.p.A. may suspend the links at its own discretion.

Security of Data Transmitted via the Internet

Users are made aware of the fact that data transmission via the Internet may not be completely secure. Users are therefore responsible for taking all necessary precautions with regard to computer security, as well as checking the accuracy of any data provided. In fact, Principe di San Daniele S.p.A. is not bound by any requirements other than the timely and correct application of the security standards imposed by current legislation, with particular reference to the application of the security measures pursuant to Articles 33 onwards of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003 - Personal data protection code and the relative Technical Specifications (Annex B).

Principe di San Daniele S.p.A. does not accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in the information published on the Site and, in any case, reserves the right to make corrections, changes and improvements to the Site, at any time.

Obligations and Responsibilities of the User

Users who access the Site to use the Services provided without registering, undertake not to use the Portal for improper and/or unlawful uses and, in particular:

(i) to use the Services solely for lawful purposes;(ii) not to send files which are potentially infected with viruses, from a non-secure source, or files that may in any case be considered potentially harmful (for example: viruses, spyware, malicious codes, Trojan horses, etc.);(iii) not to act in a way that could damage, disable, overload or impair the operation of the Portal, or interfere with its use by third parties.

Obligations and Responsibilities of Principe di San Daniele S.p.A.

Principe di San Daniele S.p.A., as regards its specific areas of responsibility, states that:

- it cannot accept any responsibility for any consequences caused to Users or third parties arising from possible malfunctions of the Portal or any damage of any kind experienced by Users, including any faults, malfunctions, interruptions to the availability or functioning of the Portal;

- it is in no way responsible for information entered by Users, with particular reference, for example, to the truthfulness, exhaustiveness, non-misleading nature, and legality of the posts, nor is it bound to check and control the same;

The above-mentioned limitations/exclusions of liability are not intended to limit/exclude the Company’s liability in cases in which it cannot be excluded or limited under applicable national legislation. Please remember that by accessing the Site, you, the User, and Principe di San Daniele S.p.A. agree that the laws and regulations of the Italian State shall apply to all matters relating to the use of this website.

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