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If you love dry cured ham, you’ve come to the right place.

Prosciutto.it will provide you with all the information and interesting facts you need on the finest of cured meats, as well as dates for your calendar and the latest news on this delicious topic.

Moreover, if you want to try it for yourself, you can take home a selection of the best hams together with some of the utensils designed to cut them, taste them and store them properly.

Prosciutto.it will accompany you on a journey of discovery, examining the best Italian and international products, which have been awarded PDO and PGI status by the European Union. This site features an entire encyclopaedia of the various types of ham, including jamón, presunto, Schinken, jambon, and speck, their production methods and their organoleptic characteristics.

This is because every dry cured ham is different and unique in its own way.

Learning about the different characteristics of each variety of cured ham will also help you to prepare mouth-watering dishes.

This is why we have created a section dedicated to recipes, a resource which will be added to month by month and one to which you can contribute.

Prosciutto.it is a project that we have created in order to raise more awareness about the world of dry cured ham. We hope it will become an Internet reference point on the art of curing ham, thanks in part to the collaboration of ham lovers like you.

Deliciously yours,
The Editorial Team


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